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29 May - Kath Shimmin

Do we, at last, have some clarity on this issue? The Business Exemption has recently come under scrutiny in the Courts. In particular, the case of Wood v. Capital Bridging Finance... Read More


25 May - Michelle Davenport

Many individuals selling businesses often look to retire (lucky devils!) and ask how they can use the money from the sale to plan for their family's future. Others look to... Read More


21 May - Daniel Scognamiglio

It is important that insurers are aware of the consequences double insurance may have on their liability, the rules on claiming contribution from co-insurers and the various policy clauses that... Read More


14 May - Richard Humphreys

Now the final rules are out, what does it mean for both old book and new? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will transfer the regulation of second charge lending from... Read More