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12 January - Eve Piffaretti

In its landmark decision set out in Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board (2015), the Supreme Court expressed the view that a doctor has a duty to take reasonable care to ensure... Read More


8 January - Ruth Christy

When an employee leaves under a Settlement Agreement, and perhaps in other cases too, the wording of the reference to be given to prospective employers is often agreed and specified.... Read More


8 January - Bruce Potter

Chiefly, the Guidance: Positions the Spending Review as a credible basis to accomplish three 'essential' tasks: Implement the Five Year Forward View Restore and maintain financial balance Deliver core access... Read More


7 January - Ian Jones

Most organisations will have in place a comprehensive disciplinary policy that sets out the procedure to follow when there are concerns about an employee's conduct or performance.  Most employers will... Read More


5 January - Lisa Wallis

A new National Living Wage (NLW) was George Osborne's 'rabbit out of the hat' announced in the July 2015 Budget, surprising many businesses and commentators. A recent Government survey showed... Read More