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27 June - Paula Kathrens

From reports of schools cancelling sports' days, builders turning up to work in skirts and dresses because they are not allowed to wear shorts and concerns about railway tracks buckling,... Read More


26 June - Joanne Thompson

On 21 December 2017, the Technology and Construction Court handed down judgment in the case of MLS (Overseas) Limited (MLS) v Secretary of State for Defence (the MoD)[i]. The Court... Read More

case studies

26 June - Patricia Wakeford

Mrs B was very pleased to be pregnant as she married in her late 30s. She wanted children and tried for a baby as soon as she was married. In... Read More

case studies

25 June - David Moore

This case highlights the importance of the distinction between primary and secondary obligations in a contract of suretyship. It also shows that the meaning of the words used in a... Read More


19 June - Rhiannon Jenkins

Time spent commuting is not usually ‘working time’. Employers do not generally have any control over an employee’s activities until they reach the workplace, and have no say in where the employee... Read More


15 June - Katharine Blackburn

The Williams review into gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare was published on 11 June 2018. This review is important because it considers issues faced by all regulators and those who... Read More


14 June - Lisa Davies

The independent Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a call for evidence to gather information about people’s experience and perceptions of Inheritance Tax. The consultation is focusing on the... Read More


14 June - Matthew Smith

A Supreme Court decision which was expected to have significant ramifications for the ‘gig economy’ has disappointed employment partners who hoped the ruling would move questions around workers’ rights further... Read More


12 June - Simon Stokes

Background – the GDPR On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the EU.  Many businesses and their advisers outside the UK and the... Read More


11 June - Sophie Shaladi

One could be forgiven for assuming that listed buildings, by their very nature, are automatically exempt from EPC restrictions. However, the issue is far from clear cut. A more in... Read More


11 June - Steven Thom

This article was first published on News on the Block in June 2018. Short leases are an all too common problem for owners of flats when they come to sell... Read More


8 June - Nick Leale

It has been another busy period and you will no doubt already be aware of the two prominent recent cases of NMC and X and Bawa-Garba, which involved Appeal Court... Read More