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31 August - Simon Stokes

Online platforms have dramatically changed the digital economy in recent years – obvious examples are eBay, services offered by Google, iTunes and Facebook. But there are plenty of other platforms... Read More


30 August - Vicky Schollar

Associate Vicky Schollar comments in People Management on the new Acas Guidance on overtime rights and the implications of overtime when calculating holiday pay. This article was first published in People Management... Read More


30 August

Post the financial crisis of 2008, the buyer-funded development model has become increasingly common. Recent media coverage tells a tale of failed projects, substantial financial loss and allegations of fraud.... Read More


30 August - Simon Burge

Denying the mother of four children a widowed parent’s allowance is illegal, the supreme court has ruled today, in a decision that significantly extends the rights of unmarried couples. Simon... Read More


30 August - Bruce Potter

Blake Morgan chairman, Bruce Potter, comments on the government preparations for a 'no deal' outcome in the Brexit negotiations. “We welcome the publication of the first wave of EU Exit... Read More


28 August - Simon Stokes

Background The UK has laws which prohibit spam – currently the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive Regulations 2003) (PECR). PECR runs in parallel with data protection law. Critical to... Read More


23 August - Heather Welham

An issue which often arises in a commercial setting is where two companies agree a contract for goods or services but do not put the terms in writing, instead relying... Read More


22 August - Gareth Williams

Top Blake Morgan Real Estate lawyers are attending the prestigious RESI Convention on 12-14 September at Celtic Manor, Newport. Partner, Gareth Williams, and senior solicitor, Sophie Shaladi, will be attending... Read More


22 August - Simon Stokes

As a no-deal Brexit becomes a distinct possibility the UK government is to start producing guidance to deal with this eventuality. However when it comes to data protection and the... Read More


21 August - Julian Goulding

It has been acknowledged that SMEs are the heartbeat of this country’s economy representing approximately 99% of all UK private sector businesses. When people talk of small and medium sized... Read More


17 August

Freehold and leasehold are the two main types of property ownership in the UK. Here we explain how these types of ownership differ and the considerations to note when buying... Read More


17 August - Stephanie Walls

You know that you have been named as a beneficiary under a Will or are entitled under a relative's intestacy. After the initial emotions experienced in learning this news have... Read More