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31 January - Kirsteen Hook

Our Charities team here at Blake Morgan publishes bulletins to keep you up-to-date with breaking news and topical issues affecting the sector. We also offer regular charity trustee induction and... Read More


31 January - Catherine Morgan

When dividing the matrimonial finances a tricky area can often be how to treat the parties' pension provision. What is the law surrounding this area? A challenging part of dividing... Read More


31 January - Matthew Smith

This article first appeared in People Management on 31 January 2019. How can employers avoid treating employees unfavourably because of something arising in consequence of their disability? This can be a potential... Read More


31 January - Tom Walker

The Food Standards Agency is understood to be considering its options following the surprise re-classification of CBD products as a 'Novel Food' by the European Food Safety Authority. CBD is... Read More


31 January - Lee Fisher

As the Prime Minister and her negotiating team prepare themselves for another tense round of negotiations in Brussels, Lee Fisher, a partner in Blake Morgan's Dispute Management team and  accredited... Read More


30 January - Jon Belcher

Following the defeat of the Government's EU Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons on 15 January, the risk of a no-deal Brexit has increased and there remains considerable uncertainty... Read More


28 January - Samuel Hardy

We at Blake Morgan have blogged before on the importance of making a Will if you want to control what happens to your estate after death. But what actually makes... Read More

case studies

25 January - Richard Humphreys

This little grenade from the Court of Appeal  seems to resolve the long running argument over the legal effect of serving a default notice under section 87 CCA 1974 -... Read More


25 January - Rajiv Joshi

This article first appeared in HR Magazine on 23 January 2019 and click here to read the article. The Court of Appeal has held that a whistleblower's colleagues can be personally liable... Read More


25 January - Rachel Giles

As active members of Resolution, we regularly encourage clients to explore the alternatives to court proceedings, to resolve disputes that may arise following relationship breakdown. One of these is mediation,... Read More


24 January

We look at a case study where family mediation proved successful as both parties in a separation had control over their own destiny and were able to concentrate on what... Read More


23 January - Catherine Morgan

Family mediation services continue to be a popular method of resolving family law disputes. Going to court should be a last resort and the court tries to ensure this, by... Read More