Blake Morgan secure £100,000 for client unable to work after suffering head and knee injuries in workplace fall

Posted by Deborah Lewis, 15th November 2018
For Mr A a fall at work resulted in life changing injuries that had a detrimental impact on both his health and his ability to work.  Personal Injury Lawyer Deborah Lewis helped him secure the compensation he needed to start the difficult journey of recovery.

“Making a personal injury claim against my employer wasn’t ever something that I thought I would have to do.” He explains “But after I suffered a fall at work I needed financial support to help with my rehabilitation. The thought of taking legal action was daunting, I didn’t understand the process or legal terminology but Blake Morgan simplified the claims process for me”.

Mr A approached several law firms but quickly became disillusioned after being ‘bounced’ from one contact to another when he needed straightforward advice on how to make a claim. “I called each of the law firms on my insurers panel but there seemed to be several different layers to get through before I could actually speak to someone who would help me with my claim ” he continues “But when I called Blake Morgan they put me straight through to Deborah who managed my claim from start to finish, she was able to answer all of my questions and was always ready at the end of the phone or on email whenever I needed support.”

This was a complex claim as the accident had left Mr A with injuries to his knee which impacted his mobility and head that caused server chronic headaches and migraine attacks. This left him bed ridden for days at a time. “Deborah treated me as a human being and really understood the impact that the accident had on me. Deborah also gave me the time and space that I needed to understand all the legal information. I was already in a difficult place after the accident, physically, emotionally and finically therefore I felt taking legal action would add to my mental stress. She was a breath of fresh air as she treated me with compassion and understanding throughout.”

Often when you have suffered a personal injury it’s not just the physical impact but also the emotional impact that can take a toll “When something like this happens you are in a very vulnerable situation. If you have worked hard all your life and enjoyed working it is difficult to not being able to anymore. The compensation has helped me to be able to readjust and take the time I need to focus on my health.”

The road to recovery is never easy after an accident, but what does our client see for himself in the future? “I’m still suffering but slowly I am becoming more mobile my knee injury is healing but my head injury has left me reliant on medication. Hopefully in time I will be able to resume my normal day to day activities” Reflecting on the advice he received, he comments “Deborah was really kind, patient and structured throughout. I would like to thank her for her support in making a successful claim against my employer which has helped me financially during a difficult period in my life.”

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