Coronavirus: Protection from eviction extended to commercial tenants

Posted by Simon Pestell, 25th March 2020
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Emergency legislation was announced on 18 March in relation to the coronavirus outbreak to ensure private renters could not be forced from their homes for three months. Commercial tenants will be glad to hear that this protection is now being extended to them.

Details on this are sparse, but the basic position is that any commercial tenant who is unable to pay rent in the next three months due to coronavirus cannot be forced out of their premises.

Such commercial tenants will still be liable to pay any rent arrears after the three month period expires. The government has said it will actively monitor the impact on commercial landlords’ cash flow and will continue its dialogue with them.

The measures will come into effect when the Coronavirus Bill receives Royal Assent (expected by the end of March) and will initially last until 30 June, with an option for the government to extend if needed.

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