Gaining a Litigation Diploma - Julie Stokes

I undertook the Litigation Diploma four months after joining the LDR team as a one year PQE solicitor. 

It was a very helpful course, particularly at that stage in my career.  As the LDR team undertakes large value, complex cases it can take time to see a matter progress from (and therefore gain experience of) the pre-issue stage all the way to trial.  

The Litigation Diploma is an extensive course covering the core aspects of litigation practice and also gives you an opportunity to gain practical experience of negotiation – both one on one and in a group – and advocacy.  It was really useful to be able to get that practical experience in a 'safe' environment. 

The Diploma not only built on those areas of practice that I had experience of already, but also served as a useful refresher of those parts of litigation practice that I had studied but not yet worked on in practice, or that I had some experience of in the past, but not for quite some time.   It was also good to be able share experiences with the other attendees - for example, how a particular negotiation technique had worked for them in the past, or how they had managed a difficult witness.  Finally, it was a great way to get to know colleagues in the other offices who do LDR work.