Jenna Jones

Jenna Jones
Trainee Legal Secretary, ATC

Having worked in a similar role for almost 10 years, I decided it was time for a change. It was a now or never situation. Becoming a legal secretary was always very appealing to me and was an area I had become more and more interested in. I therefore started to research legal secretarial positions in my local area. To my disappointment, being such a specialised area, every vacancy required the successful applicant to have experience working in a legal environment and various other qualifications, none of which I possessed.

Continuing my search I came across the Blake Morgan vacancy for an apprentice legal secretary. I duly applied for the position and to my delight I was offered the job, working within the companies ATC office producing legal documents. Working in the ATC allows me to work on various different documents and to experience lots of different areas of law, giving me a rare and exciting opportunity.

I also now have a great opportunity to achieve my goal, not only gaining the necessary qualifications to do so but also first-hand experience working for a well-known, well respected legal company with potential to grow long-term with the various career progression routes available to me.

I am particularly interested in the area of Succession, Wills & Tax and would ultimately like to somehow specialise in this area of practice.