My experience as a Blake Morgan Ambassador

We asked Adam Hughes why he decided to become a Brand Ambassador and what he learnt from his experience. If you are at university and would like more information about becoming a Brand Ambassador, contact our Graduate Recruitment & Development Officer Siobhan Clarke

Why I chose to apply for a position as a Blake Morgan Brand Ambassador.

I already had a good amount of knowledge of Blake Morgan from the various events I had attended, including law fairs such as, an Aspiring Solicitors event, a UKELA event, and several others. From these events, I learnt that Blake Morgan is a friendly, but ambitious firm  which encourages staff to maintain a good work-life balance. I decided that this is the type of firm I would like to work for in future and I, therefore, decided to apply for the role of Brand Ambassador which I was able to fit in around my studies at university.

What I did during my role.

The role started with an induction day in the Reading office. This involved learning about Blake Morgan, what our roles would involve, and how to publicise a brand effectively. We also spoke to a large range of Blake Morgan team members, including Trainee Solicitors, Trainee Regional Partners, the Communications team, and Bruce Potter, Blake Morgan’s Chairman. This provided a fantastic insight into different aspects of the firm, and it gave us an idea of how the firm publicises its brand.

Following this, I began developing ideas to spread the firm’s brand. The majority of my work was done through social media, by publicising Blake Morgan news, opportunities, and events on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

During my time as a Brand Ambassador I  arranged two events. The first event was a mock client interview workshop, which was run by two Trainee Solicitors from the Cardiff office. The second event was ‘The Recruitment Game’, and this was run by Siobhan Clarke. It provided students with a taste of what to expect at an assessment day and there was  a lot of contact with Siobhan Clarke, the Graduate Recruitment Officer, who was always happy to help with any questions I had or to provide any assistance.

Finally, I was invited to attend Blake Morgan’s insight day. The first part of this day consisted of presentations about the firm, followed by two group activities which provided an insight into the training contract recruitment process. For the second half of the day, I worked under the supervision of a Trainee Solicitor. This was a great experience which gave me an insight into the work of a trainee solicitor.

What I got out of the role

My role gave me a very thorough insight into the firm and allowed me to develop key skills, including communication, time-management, and problem solving. It also gave me something which would stand out in future applications, and I believe my role played a big part in obtaining my new position as a Litigation Paralegal, which I started in July 2017and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Finally, it was a great form of networking, and I developed a large number of contacts during my time as Brand Ambassador.

Advice for potential applicants

This is something you will hear often, but you should know exactly why you are applying for the role. This will show enthusiasm for publicising Blake Morgan’s brand, which is key. This, therefore, requires conducting research into the firm through online resources and events such as law fairs.

Secondly, make the most of your extra-curriculars by explaining what skills you developed which will assist you in the role. If you have shown enthusiasm during your extra-curricular activities, then you will have met other students which will give you a larger student base to publicise Blake Morgan’s brand, and you will have already shown enthusiasm for the roles you have taken on.

I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Brand Ambassador and I have gained much from it. I wish the best of luck to those who apply.