My time as a Blake Morgan Brand Ambassador

Jack Davies discusses his time as a Blake Morgan Ambassador whilst studying at university.

During my time as a student, I was actively involved with Blake Morgan. I was part of the Oxford Brookes Mentoring Scheme and was successful in obtaining a place on the Blake Morgan summer vacation scheme in the Cardiff office.

It was through my experiences working with people at Blake Morgan that made me realise that I wanted to give back my thanks for the firm's altruism towards me. My mentor, Nerys Cobner-Vale, recommended to me that I apply for the position and I did so accordingly.

During my time as a Brand Ambassador, it was my responsibility to promote the Blake Morgan brand, advertise events hosted by Blake Morgan and to encourage students to apply for vacation schemes and training contracts. I was also able to attend the much coveted Insight Day at the Oxford office which gave me further exposure to a network of legal professionals and some worthwhile work experience.

Since finishing my Law degree at Oxford Brookes, I was successful in obtaining a position as a paralegal in the Construction team based in Oxford. I have gained invaluable insights into the firm and made some strong connections within Blake Morgan.

My advice for anybody applying for the position would be this: do not forget to be human in your approach to the role. If you really want your message to be understood and effectively communicated, remember to speak to your audience in a language that they understand. Avoid the jargon!

If you are studying at university and want a career in law then consider applying to be a Blake Morgan Brand Ambassador at your university!