Negligent procedure creates life-long scaring

Posted by Elizabeth O'Mahony, 6th June 2019
Amanda* had paid for a series of laser hair removal treatments at her local salon.  After the first procedure she experienced an extreme burning sensation under her arm pit.  Ice was applied to soothe the burning sensation and the treatment was stopped by the beautician.  However, Amanda continued to experience extreme pain and discomfort for hours after.  The pain continued the next day and affected her ability to work, prompting her to seek the  advice of a dermatologist who confirmed she had experienced a third degree burn.

Our clinical and medical negligence expert Elizabeth O’Mahony pursued a claim that the injury had been due to a negligent cosmetic procedure to remove hair which had caused the Claimant to suffer permanent scarring of her under arm.  The skin had noticeably changed colour and would never return to normal.

Liability was admitted by the insurer and Elizabeth worked alongside independent experts in plastics and psychiatry to obtain important evidence to secure a successful outcome.  A lengthy period of negotiation ensued and finally a settlement was reached in the sum of £8,000.00.

Amanda was delighted with the outcome.  Commenting on her experience of making a claim with Blake Morgan, she said: “I can’t recommend my solicitor enough – she ensured that I was always kept up to date and fully understood what was going on…I was completely happy with my experience.”

*The names in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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