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Justin Bieber has famously made some rather dubious decisions over the years leading to arrests for suspicion of drink-driving, drag racing and misdemeanour vandalism.  However, credit where credit's due: it has now been reported that Bieber has made a Will, with some interesting funeral requests. 

This decision to set out his plans for the distribution of his £180 million estate is a sensible and laudable one. Dying intestate, particularly with a sizeable estate, can often lead to disastrous consequences.

Bieber, according to tabloid sources, has been so shocked by the untimely deaths of those such as Prince and David Bowie this year that he has taken thought into his own requests…

Although we must applaud his surprisingly judicious approach to this confrontation of his own mortality in the making of his Will, Bieber has also made some rather elaborate funeral wishes. Bieber has allegedly planned to have a solar-powered headstone that plays videos of his many masterful compositions alongside a life-sized hologram of himself. Certainly an unusual way to leave the world!

Although many may choose to laugh at Bieber's funeral wishes, we should praise his foresight in making them. Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be a traumatic experience for those left behind so having some pre-arranged plans may help to ease the load of this heavy burden. Such things as how and where you wish your body to be disposed, whether you would like to donate your organs, and what hymns or songs you wish to be played at your funeral are all important considerations that we would encourage people to think about in their lifetimes.

Although you may not have requests as extreme as Justin Bieber, we would advise all our clients to consider making some funeral wishes. This will ensure that those arranging your funeral will have guidance in respecting your last wishes.

As Bieber has done, plan ahead now to ensure peace of mind, by drafting your Will now. Please contact a member of the Succession & Tax team for any information and advice on these issues.

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