How to sell a flat with a short lease

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Short leases are an all too common problem for owners of flats when they come to sell their property. The root of the problem is that a lease is a wasting asset, which means that as time goes on it loses value. Even as prices in the property market rise, a flat with a shorter lease will be worth less than a comparable flat with a longer lease. More …

SDLT surcharge – Changes made by the Autumn Budget on 22 November 2017

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The Autumn Budget of 22 November 2017 was an exciting Budget for those of us who live and breathe the stamp duty land tax (“SDLT”) rules on when a purchase of a residential property is subject to the higher rates for additional properties (HRAD or the 3% surcharge). More …

Looking to bag a bargain at auction? How to avoid the pitfalls of the auction house

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March 2018 saw auction houses reporting increased year-on-year sales within the UK residential property sector. With auction transactions appearing to be on the rise, we've outlined our top tips for buying a property at auction. More …