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Regulatory and Criminal Lawyer comments on road policing chief's demand for days of 'soft' treatment come to an end

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This morning, the Mail Online reported that Britain's road policing chief has called for punishments for speeding motorists even if they are just 1mph over the limit. Driver defence expert, Tim Williamson, shares his thoughts on what this means for the future of speeding prosecutions: More …

Beware the court of public opinion!

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UBER has today learned that Transport for London (TfL) has refused its application for a Private Hire Operators' licence. Our expert explains what this will mean for the company going forward. More …

The welcome announcement of special traffic courts

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The Ministry of Justice has announced that it is to set up specialist traffic courts to deal with motoring prosecutions for offences such as speeding, issues with driving licences and traffic light offences. More …