Charity Commission appoints Interim Manager to Charity

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The Charity Commission has used its powers to appoint an Interim Manager to take over the management of the Christ Embassy charity.

The Commission opened a statutory inquiry into the charity in July 2013 because of concerns about financial mismanagement, notably in relation to large connected party payments and allegations of misapplication of grant funding.

Prior to appointing the Interim Manager, the Commission carried out a books and records inspection, obtained information from and met with trustees. The Interim Manager will manage the charity in place of the trustees and is working with the charity's pastors to ensure its religious activities are not interrupted.

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This highlights the importance of financial management and good governance within charities, in particular when managing conflicts of interest and transactions with connected parties.  The Commission recently updated its guidance on the management of conflicts of interest, and we would encourage trustees of charities to refresh themselves on their duties in this regard.

Charity Commission guidance on conflicts of interest