Children in Need and the impact in Eastleigh and Southampton

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As a family law solicitor and mediator, I regularly assist parents separating and needing assistance with regard to the arrangements for their children.   Sometimes, particularly if there are any concerns about the welfare of the children, the contact with the absent parent takes place at a contact centre.  This may only be for a short period of time, to re-establish the relationship between the parent and children, or it can even be used just as the venue to facilitate the handover of the children when the parents do not want to come into contact with each other.

In my local area, we have the Eastleigh Child Contact Centre, which is based at the Chandlers Ford Methodist Church, and the New Dawn Child Contact Centre, which is based at the Shirley Baptist Church in Southampton.  Both are an invaluable resource to help parents maintain a relationship with their children.

I noticed from their literature recently, that both these centres are supported by the BBC charity Children in Need.  Eastleigh Child Contact Centre received a grant of £7,891 and the New Dawn Child Contact Centre received a grant of £8,766.  I was heartened to see the real impact of people's kind donations in the Hampshire area, making a difference to the families who, in a time of much stress and emotional fallout, are able to turn to these contact centres for assistance when appropriate.