Regulatory and Criminal Lawyer comments on road policing chief's demand for days of 'soft' treatment come to an end

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This morning, the Mail Online reported that Britain's road policing chief has called for punishments for speeding motorists even if they are just 1mph over the limit. Driver defence expert, Tim Williamson, shares his thoughts on what this means for the future of speeding prosecutions:

"For the law to work well, then it must command the respect and confidence of those who have to abide by it. If motorists receive punishment for exceeding the speed limit by 1mph, then there is a real risk that they will lose this respect and confidence and that will be bad for the law.

"The comments about the apparent overuse of speed awareness courses are also surprising. Such courses are designed to educate motorists about the dangers of speed - how can education be a bad thing?

"Ironically the police could face more challenges to speeding prosecutions if they start prosecuting drivers only slightly over the legal limit – it could well be easier for a motorist to plant a reasonable doubt about their having been speeding in the mind of a court if the allegation is that they were only exceeding the speed limit by a very small amount."

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