Criminal damage – not a laughing matter

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Yesterday an image circulated in the media of a white Range Rover parked outside Harrods, which had been spray painted with the phrases 'cheater' and 'I hope she was worth it'.

Whilst some may think that this makes for amusing tabloid fodder, the reality is that this is an act of criminal damage. When the 'wronged woman' finds the police on her doorstep and realises the consequences of her actions, she may start thinking 'it definitely wasn't worth it'!

With my family solicitor's hat on, I also started thinking about the phrase 'I hope she was worth it', which I felt implied there would be some great reckoning for the adultery. Whilst some people may believe that there is a higher moral reckoning for people who commit adultery, many of my clients are surprised to hear that the reality is that there are no direct financial penalties for a person who has committed adultery. The owner of the Range Rover will not have to pay a fine for their actions, but the same cannot necessarily be said for the graffiti artist.

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