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Following recent queries from clients, we thought it worthwhile posting a reminder about the rules for dress in the Privy Council following a dispensation.

Advocates appearing in the Privy Council may, by agreement, dispense with any or all of the elements of traditional court dress.  As court users will know, the Justices do not wear legal dress themselves.  Provided that all advocates in any particular case agree, they may communicate to the Registrar their wish to dispense with part or all of court dress.  The court will normally agree to such a request.

It is suggested that advocates should therefore, before appearing in the Privy Council, agree with their opposite number whether formal court dress is to be dispensed with or not.  It will then be necessary (through the Privy Council Agent) to inform the Registrar.

Whilst some advocates will not wish to take advantage of this dispensation, others may prefer to reduce their legal dress to a simple gown, or appear without legal dress at all.

A similar dispensation to that granted in the Privy Council also applies to the Supreme Court. 

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