Five ways to keep your legal costs down

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It has recently been reported in the press that eye-watering legal fees were incurred by Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton during their divorce.

I always give my clients the following five tips that will help to keep their legal costs down.

  1. Read any letters or emails that you receive carefully and ensure that any information requested is provided promptly, or if the information cannot be provided explain why and give a likely timeframe.  This will save time in secondary correspondence.
  2. When sending an email, type out the text and then review it an hour later before sending.  It may be that something else occurs to you afterwards that can then be included and avoid the cost of further email correspondence.
  3. Keep a diary of your spouse / partner's communications to you if you feel they are being unreasonable and then provide one weekly update, rather than forwarding each specific email or message which will incur a separate charge.
  4. Don't sweat the small stuff.  It is rarely ever proportionate to pay to have a legal argument over the contents of a home.    
  5. I always discuss with my clients the various options to resolve their differences with their partner or spouse and encourage them to use alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation as much as possible. A key means of keeping costs down is to try and keep the channels of communication open between the parties so that they can proactively resolve preliminary matters independently, or with the help of a mediator.  This is not appropriate in all circumstances, but where this is possible the parties can save significant legal fees through being willing to discuss matters together. 

By keeping my client's legal costs proportionate to their objectives, I aim to preserve as much of each client's capital assets as possible to enable them to move on with their lives once the legal process has concluded. 


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