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Landmark decisions

The Secretary of State has recently dismissed two large scale solar farms appeals both promoted by Hive Energy Ltd on agricultural land in Suffolk.  These decisions are an important weather vane to how Government thinking has changed. 

Inappropriately sited solar farms that have an adverse impact on the landscape, heritage assets or their setting are now clearly being cracked down upon as indicated would be happening back in November 2013 by Greg Barker the Minster for Energy and Climate Change and echoed by the Planning Minister, Nick Boles, in a statement in the House of Commons in January earlier this year.  The PPG sequential test for solar farms now genuinely has bite and I think we are likely to see more applications for mid-size solar panel schemes sited on top of commercial and industrial premises going forward in line with the recommendations set out in the UK Solar PV Strategy Part 2 as published in April 2014 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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