The "Lineker equation" – is it as easy as writing a mathematical formula to resolve financial issues on divorce?

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Gary Lineker is today calling for a simplification of the divorce process, and a mathematical equation to resolve financial issues.

Gary has been through two divorces now, and whilst I agree that the process can often be lengthy and costly, I think that perhaps Gary is underestimating the difficulties that can be faced by divorcing couples, and that we see every day as family lawyers. He is fortunate to remain good friends with his second wife, and between them it appears that they have been able to come to a sensible agreement. But what happens if you do not trust your spouse? If you do not feel able to talk to them or spend time with them? You are scared of them, perhaps as a result of domestic abuse? In these situations and many others, it is vital to seek legal advice.

What also happens if your wealth is complicated by trusts, business interests, offshore assets or multiple properties, to name but a few? Further complications can come from trying to decide if assets should be considered 'pre-marriage'. Again, legal advice is key in making sure that the agreement that is reached is fair and even possible!

Finally, if like Gary you are able to resolve matters amicably with your spouse, how do you make sure that this is recorded in a binding agreement? Again, lawyers are best placed to assist with this, to make sure that their individual clients' interests are fully protected both at the immediate time and in the future.

It is worth bearing in mind that family lawyers can belong to an organisation called Resolution. The team at Blake Morgan belongs to this, and as such promote a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Visit the Resolution website. Please do not hesitate to contact the family team should you have any questions and we will be happy to assist. We would be happy to offer a 50% discount to new clients for an initial consultation in relation to divorce proceedings.

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