NHS funding for hospices: 50% of hospices report that their funding has been cut or frozen

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Help the Hospices recently carried out a survey of its member hospices in England in order to assess how the new NHS commissioning arrangements, introduced in April 2013, are impacting upon the sector.

The results (published on 29 July 2014) show a more complex landscape with a greater number of hospices now working with in excess of 3 or 4 different commissioners and an increase in the different sorts of funding agreement in place.

114 out of possible 163 member hospices in England responded to the survey. In respect of NHS funding for 2014/15, 11% of hospices reported that their funding had been cut, 39% that it had been frozen and a further 18% were still waiting for funding levels to be agreed but were expecting to see their funding cut or frozen. The reductions in funding ranged between 0.9% and 20% of the hospices' statutory funding.

A report on the survey by Civil Society can be accessed here.

Survey itself available here.