Play up Pompey, play up madness

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Portsmouth Football Club got the go ahead from the Portsmouth City Council to host a Madness concert, following a hearing before their licensing committee, at which Jon Wallsgrove of Blake Morgan represented the club.

Working hard to narrow the issues before a hearing, the only one that remained was the impact of noise on the local residents, albeit it was one of the most critical issues. If the application for the licence were refused, it would have been a disaster for the club and the 13,000 people who are due to attend the concert.

A local resident asked for the application to be refused and the Environmental Health Officer requested conditions were placed on the licence, limiting the level at which the music could be played. After a long hearing, Jon persuaded the committee to issue the licence without those restrictions. Jon said "there was considerable pressure to get the right result before the committee, given the concert is on the 6 June and there would have been no time to appeal against a refusal. The club were delighted with the outcome and the work we had done and I am sure everybody will have a fantastic evening."

Last few tickets are remaining for the concert. For further details, please visit the Portsmouth Football Club website.