Updated guidance on Charity land and property

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The Charity Commission has published updated guidance on charity land and property.

In particular, it has clarified the position of charities wanting to dispose of property that has been designated for a particular purpose.

The guidance covers:

  • How to sell or lease charity property,
  • How to buy or rent charity land and property,
  • Mortgages and loans secured against your charity’s property, and
  • Who should hold the title to charity land.

The update explains that it is usually straightforward to sell or lease charity land and property and that most charities don’t need approval from the Charity Commission to do so. However, it is stresses it is essential that trustees get the best deal for their charity, comply with the law and follow any rules in their governing documents.

The full guidance entitled "Charity land and property" is available here. If your charity needs advice on land or property beyond the advice given in this guidance, please contact the our Charities Team