You're hired! A day in the life of a Blake Morgan apprentice…

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Jade Poolton, Trainee Legal Assistant

What has really stood out for me since the first day of my apprenticeship was how approachable the team are and how supportive they have been.  I am encouraged to use my own initiative and take on more responsibility, but there is always someone ready to answer my questions or provide support when needed.

The apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while learning from the experience and expertise of my team.

On a typical day I arrive in the office and check through my emails, responding to anything urgent such as calling papers or deeds out of archives.  I'm given the chance to manage my own time but I flag anything that needs completing throughout the day or over the next couple of days, for example checking dictations or responding to colleagues' queries that need information we are awaiting.

After my admin tasks are completed I concentrate on larger tasks for the rest of the morning.  For example, I have been recently collating information of all clients on a database; this contains information about clients' trusts, trustees, and relevant dates as well as anti-money laundering information.  It is important we have an up to date record of all this information. Whilst we put together this spreadsheet we tidy all files.  Tidying up the files includes thinning them so that they are a manageable size, they can only be thinned once trust accounts for the last tax year have been signed and returned by the trustees.  Once the file is thinned the packet gets sent to our archives to be stored securely.  I also make sure that all the documents are under the right labelled tabs so that when we need to find something we know where it will be and which of the 3 files each client has.

The team are really good at helping me understand the firm's priorities and how my work fits into the bigger picture of what is happening across Blake Morgan. We regularly have team meetings to discuss recent work, work loads and any changes we think are necessary.  This is a good opportunity to ask for more work and understand what I need to prioritise.

Before lunch I complete dictations, these mainly consist of letters, memos and file notes.  Sometimes instructions can include making payments, calling packets up from archives, booking meeting rooms and creating documents for example deeds and trustees' resolutions as well as letters of authority.

In the afternoon, after completing all urgent jobs from earlier in the day, I start on the lower priority tasks. I also correct any amendments on letters and memos so that they make it to the post room and can be sent out that day. Other tasks generally include a lot of scanning and filing to make sure that everything is in order for the team.

There are a lot of social activities at Blake Morgan and so there is always something to get involved with whether it's fundraising for sports relief or volunteering in our CR programme.  There are lots of opportunities to network and it's a really social environment.

After my apprenticeship I plan to either stay and work my way up to be a solicitor.