GDPR for employers seminar

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“Very useful. Clear, concise summary of what we need to do. Thanks.”

A delegate October 2017
Due to high demand we are repeating our October GDPR For Employers seminar on 15 November.

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018 and will change the way you run your business.  One survey suggests that only a third of organisations have begun preparing for the changes, often out of a lack of knowledge of what is involved and how the organisation will be affected.

For many companies the majority of the data held relates to employees, workers and contractors and it's important to understand that the GDPR is not solely the remit of the IT department: all HR practitioners, Finance Directors and Managing Directors need to get to grips with the new regime.

The good news is that getting your business ready for the GDPR not only reduces the risk of significant fines, it can also give you a real competitive edge, at a time when recruitment remains extremely challenging.

Our GDPR For Employers seminar will give you the information you need to get ready for May 2018.

Employment Associate Holly Cudbill will be talking about the GDPR from a practical HR point of view, including carrying out data audits, understanding the GDPR throughout the entire employment life-cycle and, most importantly, how to pronounce pseudonymisation!

Commercial Partner Sheilah Mackie will be talking about the effects of the GDPR on the key outward-facing areas of your business: customers, clients and third parties.

GDPR for employers seminar