Autumn Budget 2017 – some key points for charities

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The budget made few mentions of the voluntary sector. However, the following is a summary of the likely benefits to the charity sector.
  • Gift Aid: the Gift Aid regime will be simplified. The middle threshold of the scheme will be scrapped, meaning charities can claim a higher level of benefit on donations up to £100. New legislation will formalise existing extra-statutory concessions.
  • VAT Threshold: freezing of the threshold at which organisations must register for VAT purposes at £85,000 for two years. Similarly, the current rates of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will remain fixed.
  • VAT Recovery: an "Accident Rescue Charities Grant Scheme" will be introduced to help accident rescue charities to recover VAT.
  • Libor Charity Funding Scheme: the scheme's last tranche (of £36 million) has been released and will be spent on charities supporting the armed forces and emergency services.

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