Brexit update: Preparations for a 'no deal' outcome

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Blake Morgan chairman, Bruce Potter, comments on the government preparations for a 'no deal' outcome in the Brexit negotiations.

“We welcome the publication of the first wave of EU Exit Technical Notices as a welcome sign that the government is taking a no-deal scenario seriously, but the volume of information published today makes for tough reading. The notes also raise more questions than answers in some areas, with the suggestion that we’ll still need arrangements with the EU in place on issues such as data sharing, security and banking to maintain a fully-working economy in the days following a potential hard-Brexit next March. For those working in sectors such as financial services, agriculture and healthcare, protecting staff, goods and cross-border transactions will be critical, so no deal is a very bad deal if there are no arrangements whatsoever in place in these areas.

 “It’s clear that the government and the EU must continue to work together, both in planning for a deal as well as ‘no-deal’ to protect businesses and consumers, but business can take some action now to help prepare for any scenario. From working to reassure employees – particularly for businesses that employ EU nationals, to putting in place further data protection safeguards, taking contingency action now can help soften the blow of any form of Brexit.”

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