BULLETIN: Professional regulatory law update - Review of April 2015

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Welcome to Blake Morgan's latest edition of the professional regulatory law update, our update of the important case law and news in the field of Professional Regulation. This month's edition looks at legal developments in April 2015.

The Professional Standards Authority in Professional Standards Authority v (1) The Health and Care Professionals Council and (2) Doree received a reminder from the High Court that it is not enough for them to show that a sanction is lenient – leniency may well be appropriate in the circumstances of the case. The sanction must be shown to be 'unduly' lenient applying the guidance in Ruscillo.

In a complex and intricate Judgment, Gilbart J determined that a fitness to practise panel was open to receiving new evidence prior to their decision being publicaly announced. Gilbart J did not however, extend this consideration to each and every case, but instead provided a set of guidelines for panels to rely upon when faced with such a dilemma.

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Regulatory cases

The Professional Standards Authority v (1) The Health and Care Professionals Council and (2) Doree [2015] EWHC 822 (Admin)

The Authority had contended that the mischief of the poorly drafted allegations could be dealt  with by either the CCC amending the working of its own initiative, or inviting the HCPC to apply to amend it (or that the HCPC should have done so even without any invitation). Lang J was even more unimpressed with this contention, and stated "In my view, amending the charge retrospectively after the evidence had been heard and considered, in order to  secure a guilty finding, would have been a gross breach of fair hearing procedure" (para 28). 

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TZ V General Medical Council [2015] EWHC 1001 (Admin)

The Appellant was a Locum Senior House Officer in the Emergency Department of a hospital in London. An allegation was made by a female patient (Patient A), that on the 6th February 2010 he had spoken to her in a sexual manner and then sexually assaulted. The matter proceeded to criminal charges, and indeed a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in December 2011, where the Appellant was acquitted.

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Press releases

Our Professional Regulatory team highlights key releases from April 2015 including NMC, GCC, RPS, GMC, NCTL, GOC, GPhC, FRC, CQC, BSB, RCVS and the Department of Health.

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