Charity alleges that many pupils are expelled illegally

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The Communities Empowerment Network (CEN) has published a study entitled "Mapping the Exclusion Process: Inequality, Justice and the Business of Education" which claims that many school exclusions are illegal.

The report claims that governing bodies are approving head teachers' decisions to exclude pupils without subjecting those decisions to proper scrutiny, and in doing so are allowing unlawful exclusions to take place.

Further, although the number of permanent exclusions has declined, CEN claims that exclusions have a disproportionate effect on children with special educational needs and those from ethnic minorities. The report states that "The majority of parents felt that race, class, gender or SEN played a role in their child’s exclusion."

The report calls for the Independent Review Panel format to be scrapped and replaced with the Independent Appeal Panel format that was in place prior to the Education Act 2011. This change would give the panel the power to order the reinstatement of a pupil.

A Link to the CEN report can be found here.