Draft Protection of Charities Bill: committee publishes report

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The cross-party committee of MPs and peers (chaired by Lord Hope of Craighead) tasked with undertaking a review of the proposed Draft Protection of Charities Bill has published its findings.

The draft Bill seeks to provide the Charity Commission with additional powers to protect charities from those whose trusteeship would cause damage to the charity and, in doing so, maintain the high level of trust the public has in charities. In its written submissions on the draft Bill, the Charity Commission called for additional powers.

The committee has given its support to the Charity Commission's call for additional powers, particularly to address loopholes in the current regulatory framework with regard to the disqualification of trustees. An example of this can be seen in the committee's proposal that the Cabinet Office should produce "a non-exhaustive list of matters which demonstrate when a person is "unfit" to act as a charity trustee".

William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission, said: "The measures in the Bill will strengthen the commission's ability to act quickly to stop abuse and will thus enhance public trust in charities".

The full report of the committee is available here.