Emails falsely claiming to be from Ben Arrowsmith

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Unsolicited emails have been sent to members of the public purporting to be from  Ben Arrowsmith.

Unsolicited emails have been sent to members of the public purportedly from “Barr. Ben Arrowsmith” calling himself an “attorney”. The emails offer a “trusteeship” that will result in the recipient obtaining the benefit of a sum of money.

It appears that a genuine solicitor's ‘Linked-In’ account was hacked, resulting in the emails being sent from a ‘Linked-In’ email address. The fraudulent emails invited the recipient to contact the sender at the email address The scam emails also provide the telephone number 07944339180.

The telephone number 07944339180 and/or email address are not legitimate contact details.

Any business or transactions through the above contact details are not undertaken by a solicitor’s practice or an individual authorised or regulated by the SRA.

Blake Morgan LLP is a genuine firm which is authorised and regulated by the SRA.

Ben Arrowsmith is a genuine solicitor, regulated by the SRA, who practises at Blake Morgan LLP.

Mr Arrowsmith has confirmed he has no connection to the scam emails. 

Full details are available here on the SRA Website.