How to handle World Cup HR issues

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This article first appeared in People Management on 14 June here.

The World Cup kicks off today – and employers may find themselves managing competing requests for time off or transfers to another shift, as well as a spike in unauthorised absences. Vicky Schollar offers some advice.

While employees are not automatically entitled to time off to watch World Cup games, employers should try to agree requests for leave, perhaps by temporarily relaxing rules on how many staff can be off at once, or using a rota or first-come, first-served system. Any requests, of course, need to be balanced against the needs of the business.

To help prevent complaints of race and/or sex discrimination, employers should ensure that requests are dealt with consistently and fairly. English and male employees should not be given preference over requests from female staff or employees of other nationalities. 

Given that most games are scheduled for the afternoons, evenings and weekends, businesses could consider flexible working arrangements; for example, allowing employees to swap shifts, start work a little later or leave work early provided they make up any time lost, or by allowing unpaid leave.

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