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Lower drink drive limit a step closer

A bill to amend the Road Traffic Act 1988 to lower the prescribed limit of alcohol in relation to driving or being in charge of a vehicle has recently had a second reading by the House of Lords.  The bill proposes to lower the breath alcohol limit to 22microgrammes of alcohol in 100mililitres of breath from the current limit of 35microgrammes in 100mililitres.  This would bring the rest of the UK in line with the lower limits put into place in Scotland, in December 2014. Watch this space for further updates on this issue.

Government to target drug drivers in new advertising campaign

The Department for Transport has confirmed that one year after the introduction of a roadside swab test on 2 March 2016, sought to catch so called 'drug drive' offenders, the Government is launching a new advertising campaign targeted at young male drivers. Young male drivers are said to be the most likely offenders and the campaign is designed to make it clear that you are more likely to be caught and convicted as a result of the swab test if you drive whilst under the influence of drugs.  Police forces have been given an additional £1 million for the cost of officer training, drug screening equipment and sample analysis.

Drugs that can be tested at the roadside are cannabis and cocaine, while the evidential laboratory test can identify all the drugs covered by the law including ecstasy, LSD, ketamine and heroin. The drug drive law changes in England and Wales have made it illegal to drive with 17 controlled drugs above a specified limit in the blood.  Motorists who get behind the wheel after taking illegal drugs face a criminal record, loss of their license for at least a year and an unlimited fine.  

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