New year, new public procurement thresholds

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On 24 November 2015, Commission Delegated Regulation 2015/2170 amending Directive 2014/24 of the European Parliament and of the Council in respect of the application thresholds for the procedures for the award of contracts was made and was published in the Official Journal the following day (OJ 2015 L307/5).

The Regulation will come into force on 1 January 2016 and will increase the thresholds in Euros for the award of public contracts:

         Current threshold    Revised threshold     

Supply and services contracts

EUR 134,000

EUR 135,000 

(central government authorities) GBP 111,676 GBP 106,047

Supply and services contracts

EUR 207,000

EUR 209,000

(sub-central government authorities) GBP 172,514 GBP 164,176

Works contracts 

EUR 5,186,000

EUR 5,225,000

(central and sub-central government authorities)

GBP 4,322,012 GBP 4,104,394

However, the effect of the conversion from Euros to Sterling means that the thresholds will decrease in the UK.

Similarly, while the threshold for the light touch regime remains at EUR 750,000, the Commission's Communication setting out the corresponding values in national currencies revises the Sterling equivalent down to GBP 589,148 from GBP 625,050.

The Commission has also published the following Regulations to increase the thresholds in respect of utilities and concessions procurement with effect from 1 January 2016:

Utilities Directive

           Current thresholds       Revised threshold      
Supply and services contracts and design contracts   

EUR 414,000

EUR 418,000

  GBP 345,028 GBP 328,352
Works contracts

EUR 5,186,000

EUR 5,225,000


GBP 4,322,012

GBP 4,104,394


Concessions Directive

          Current threshold Revised threshold    
Concession contracts                              EUR 5,186,000

EUR 5,225,000

    GBP 4,104,394

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