The other side of social investment

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While the Law Commission consults on the power of charities to make social investments, the Office for Civil Society has just launched a brand new £60m grant fund to help charities prepare for receiving social investment, as it continues its campaign to support and grow the social investment market in the UK.  The Government is promoting social investment as part of its Big Society strategy, due to the benefits gained from encouraging increased funding for projects with social impact, including "economic growth, tackling social problems and supporting public service reform".

The Government's aims for 2014 are to "make it easier to be a social investor" and it intends to "support ventures to take on finance by increasing capacity and opening up markets".  The new fund forms part of this overall strategy, and is aimed at assisting charities interested in taking on social investment to prepare the necessary skills and business plans to be able to successfully bid for social investment funding as it becomes increasingly available.

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