Private Client Issues - June 2017

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Welcome to this month's edition of Private Client Issues, Blake Morgan's monthly round-up of the topics you may find of interest.

An apartment in London for sale for just £90,000 - what's the catch?

An apartment in the famous Eaton Square is being auctioned for only £90,000. However the chance to be neighbours with the likes of Nigella Lawson, for such a small sum of money, sounds like an opportunity that's too good to be true, and on closer inspection, it seems like it is just that...

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Dementia awareness: Understanding the condition and supporting the cause

As part of Dementia Awareness Week, Blake Morgan encouraged others to understand more about the condition. We explored the 'bookcase analogy', how memory can be affected and how to support those who may be showing signs of Dementia. We also highlight how to donate to a charity, whether that be dementia or any other cause, in your Will.

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Silver-splitters – considerations if separating later in life

Divorce rates in the over 50s, the so called “silver-splitters”, are increasing faster than any other age group. Whilst most people know to re-look at their Will if they divorce, but for silver-splitters, conditions such as dementia, make it all the more important to consider the bigger picture. As part of Dementia Awareness Week, Blake Morgan looked at the impact of separating later in life.

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Dying matters: time to think about organ donation?

Organ donations are on the rise, but the UK still has the lowest donation rates in Europe. For Dying Matters Awareness Week, Blake Morgan encouraged people to talk about 'what if the worst happened' and consider their wishes. Many may choose not to do so, but if organ donation has crossed your mind, have you looked in to what can you donate and how?

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I've sold my business – what next?

Many individuals selling businesses often look to retire (lucky devils!) and ask how they can use the money from the sale to plan for their family's future. Others look to make tax efficient investments in other businesses. But if you are planning to sell up, what are your options and what would be most tax efficient?

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What do our clients say about us?

Private Law's client listening programme was launched just over two years ago as part of our overall commitment to improving the level of service we provide to our clients, but what do our clients say about us? We look at the highlights of our client feedback.

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If you are impacted by any of the above topics or you would like further information on how we can help you, please contact your usual Blake Morgan adviser. 

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