Professional Regulatory press releases - October 2014

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Changes to how the Professional Standards Authority is funded

(Department of Health 03 October 2014)

This consultation closes at 28 November 2014 11:45 pm. Seeks views as to how the Professional Standards Authority will be funded by the healthcare professional regulatory bodies it oversees.

New edition of HCPC In Focus 

(Health and Care Professions Council 03 October 2014)

The new edition of Heath and Care Professions Council [HCPC] In Focus is now available to view online.

NMC Council makes the difficult decision to increase the annual registration fee to £120 

(Nursing Midwifery Council press release 01 October 2014)

The Council of the Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] today agreed to increase the annual registration fee for nurses and midwives from £100 to £120.

NMC approves proposed changes to Fitness to Practise and Registration legislation 

(Nursing Midwifery Council press release 03 October 2014)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] has approved proposed changes to its Fitness to Practise [FtP] Rules and Education, Registration and Registration Appeals Rules.

NMC announces extraordinary review visit to Guernsey 

(Nursing Midwifery Council press release 06 October 2014)

The NMC has recently been made aware of issues around the supervision of midwives in Guernsey by the Local Supervising Authority. It commissioned an extraordinary review visit to the island, which took place between 1 – 3 October 2014.

GPhC announces Review of Conduct, Ethics and Performance Standards 

(General Pharmaceutical Council 06 October 2014)

In his Pharmacy Show keynote speech, Nigel Clarke, Chair of the General Pharmaceutical Council ["GPhC"], announced a review of the GPhC’s Conduct, Ethics and Performance Standards. Mr Clarke called for a debate about professionalism to be at the heart of the review of core regulatory standards.

What is unacceptable professional conduct? Consultation

(General Osteopathic Council 7 October 2014)

We are seeking your views on new guidance to assist those involved in deciding whether or not complaints to the GOsC about an osteopath’s conduct should be investigated or referred to a formal hearing.

Court of Appeal dismisses legal challenge to quality assurance scheme for advocates (QASA)

(Bar Standards Board 7 October 2014)

An appeal against the High Court's decision to dismiss a judicial review of the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) has today been rejected, on all grounds, by the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal has found that the scheme is lawful, does not interfere with the independence of the advocate or the judiciary, and that the Legal Services Board's decision to approve it was neither disproportionate nor unreasonable.

Extraordinary review visit concludes in Guernsey

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 7 October 2014)

The evidence which was collected during the extraordinary review in Guernsey indicates serious concerns with the quality of supervision of midwives and the practice of midwifery on the Island. This clearly could have an impact on the safety of the maternity services on the Island. Guernsey’s Health and Social Services Department has committed to take swift steps to mitigate against any possible risks to patients and the public. The NMC’s report on the review’s findings will be published towards the end of October.

Duty of Candour: GMC expects openness and honesty among doctors 

(General Medical Council 13 October 2014)

The General Medical Council ["GMC"] has today underlined its commitment to a professional duty of candour for doctors throughout the UK.

GPhC highlights the requirement for openness and honesty amongst pharmacy professionals by signing joint health regulator statement 

(General Pharmaceutical Council 13 October 2014)

Along with other regulators of healthcare professionals, the General Pharmaceutical Council ["GPhC"] has signed a joint statement on openness and honesty - the professional duty of candour.

New GP inspections will lead to ratings 

(Care Quality Commission 09 October 2014)

New style inspections of GP practices and out-of-hours services in England starting this month will lead to the first ever ratings of practices.

Making the 'Mum Test' real: CQC sets out its new model for inspecting adult social care 

(Care Quality Commission 09 October 2014)

Today (Thursday 9 October), the Care Quality Commission ["CQC"] confirms how it will regulate, inspect and rate care homes and community adult social care in England.

Duty of Candour

(General Chiropractic Council 13 October 2014)

The General Chiropractic Council [GCC] has joined with other UK healthcare regulators in issuing a joint statement explaining that all health care professionals are expected to act openly and honestly with their patients should things go wrong (a duty of candour). This is already an implied requirement of the Code of Practice. The GCC has not received any complaints that a chiropractor has ever breached this principle.

Wanted: views on the cost of legal services regulation 

(Bar Standard Board 13 October 2014)

The Legal Services Board has today launched a sweeping survey of each of the legal services professions to seek their views on the cost of regulation.

Regulators pledge to do more to put openness and honesty at heart of healthcare 

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 14 October 2014)

Regulators have today pledged to do more to put openness and honesty at the heart of healthcare.

Leaders of eight of the UK professional healthcare regulators have published a joint statement, setting out their commitment to a duty of candour for healthcare professionals.

First nurses and midwives to pilot the system of revalidation this spring 

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 15 October 2014)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] has today announced the organisations it will be partnering with to test the system and processes underpinning revalidation.

Revalidation is an additional key tool in public protection, which will help the NMC as the regulator of nurses and midwives to check that the people on its register are up to date and fit to practise throughout their careers.

New GMC consultation - checking that doctors have appropriate insurance and indemnity cover 

The GMC has launched a consultation on changes to their regulations that will give them new powers to check doctors have appropriate indemnity or insurance cover in place for their practice.

Urgent and Emergency care is first strategic campaign in new EPB plan 

At the October meeting of the English Pharmacy Board, Chair, Dave Branford gained unanimous support for a new strategic campaign plan. The new plan sets out 5 themed campaigns under the banner "Shaping Pharmacy for the Future" which will aim to bring the professional skills of pharmacists to the attention of those who make decisions about the provision of NHS services.

New chairman sets out priorities for the regulator

(The Pensions Regulator 16 October 2014)

The chairman of The Pensions Regulator will today set out his strategic vision and priorities in his first major speech to the industry. Mark Boyle will announce plans by the regulator to publish a series of guides in the New Year to help support trustees of defined contribution (DC) schemes once the details of proposed pension reforms are confirmed by Government, in areas such as minimum governance standards, charge controls and changes to decumulation.

Reminder: Barristers no longer have to return CPD cards to the regulator

(Bar Standards Board 15 October 2014)

  • Barristers no longer have to return their CPD cards to the BSB
  • BSB will not acknowledge record cards sent in
  • All barristers must still undertake CPD hours and keep their record cards
  • The BSB will conduct random spot-checks of barristers' CPD record cards

Read the latest issue of 'the osteopath' now 

(General Osteopathic Council 17 October 2014)

New duty of candour, the General Osteopathic Council [GOsC] Annual Report and Accounts, continuing fitness to practise and online CPD learning lead the articles in this issue.

Your chance to discuss potential changes to the CPD scheme

(General Chiropractic Council 21 October 2014)

The General Chiropractic Council [GCC] has reissued a paper first launched in June 2014 to generate discussion on CPD and the best way to assure the continuing fitness to practise of chiropractors. The closing date for submitting your thoughts on the CPD scheme is Friday 21st November 2014.

GCC Newsletter, October 2014

(General Chiropractic Council 21 October 2014)

We have published the October 2014 edition of the GCC Newsletter updating you on all of our latest activities. The October edition of the Newsletter can be found here.

NMC continues to push for urgent legislative change

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 21 October 2014)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council ["NMC"] has today pressed for all political parties to commit to legislative reform. The NMC’s position statement, published today, outlines how urgent legislative reform would enable it to better protect.

HCPC Education Update published

(Health & Care Professions Council 23 October 2014)

"We are pleased to announce that the new service user and carer standard of education and training came into effect in September 2014. In this edition we focus on the recruitment of service users and carers as visitors to help assess education and training programmes against our standards."

Bar Standards Board welcomes new Legal Services Board Chief Executive

(Bar Standards Board 23 October 2014)

Chair of the Bar Standards Board, Baroness Ruth Deech QC (Hon), said: "The relationship with the Legal Services Board is valuable to the Bar Standards Board and we welcome Mr Richard Moriarty's appointment and look forward to working with him as he becomes familiar with the role and sector."

GPhC sets out impact on driving improvements in pharmacies as a result of its prototype inspection model

(General Pharmaceutical Council 23 October 2014)

The General Pharmaceutical Council ["GPhC"] has set out some of the key learnings from its inspections model during a conference aimed at providing pharmacy stakeholders in England, Scotland and Wales with a platform for feedback and discussion on the prototype. The GPhC listed some of the key outcomes from the prototype so far, now that more than 2,000 pharmacies have been inspected.

CILEx to begin authorising conveyancing and probate practitioners following Parliamentary approval

(Chartered Institute of Legal Executives 23 October 2014)

Parliament has given the go ahead for ILEX Professional Standards [IPS], the regulator of members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives [CILEx], to begin authorising probate and conveyancing specialists to practise independently. The system will go live on 3 November.

Current guidance on returning instructions “the most appropriate way of protecting clients’ interests”

(Bar Standards Board 24 October 2014)

The Bar Standards Board ["BSB"] agreed last night at its monthly board meeting on 23 October 2014 that there is to be no new guidance on situations where barristers can, or are obliged to, withdraw their services - known as "returning instructions". The BSB Handbook includes detailed rules on returning instructions. These remain unchanged and were not part of the recent consultation.

BSB agrees to remove barristers’ registration deadline for QASA

(Bar Standard Board 24 October 2014)

The Bar Standards Board ["BSB"] has agreed to remove the deadline of 31 December 2014 for barristers to register under the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates ["QASA"] while the board and other regulators consider how best to implement the scheme.

The Hooper Review – update

(General Medical Council 27 October 2014)

Sir Anthony Hooper’s review, which the General Medical Council [GMC] has commissioned to consider how it deals with doctors who raise concerns in the public interest, is now well under way.

Alternative dispute resolution trial launched

(Royal College of Veterinarian Surgeons 29 October 2014)

From Monday 3 November 2014 we will be undertaking a six-month alternative dispute resolution ["ADR"] trial as the first step towards developing a new consumer redress system for users of veterinary services.

GPhC’s strategic plan 2015-18: Regulation has important role to play in ensuring that pharmacy meets future health challenges

(General Pharmaceutical Council 29 October 2014)

The General Pharmaceutical Council [GPhC] has published its strategic plan for 2015-18. The document, which has been laid before Parliament, provides an update from the strategic plan that was published in 2013. It has an increased focus on the role the GPhC can play in helping pharmacy professionals and the pharmacy sector to improve quality, of which safety is a key element.

NMC responds to publication of Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Bill

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 29 October 2014)

Wider legislative changes still required.

Serious concerns with maternity services in Guernsey

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 30 October 2014)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has today published reports on maternity services and the wider environment of maternity care in Guernsey. During its review visit, which ran from 1 – 3 October, the review team found that a number of standards relating to how midwives’ practice was being supervised had not been met.

New guidelines for doctors, nurses and midwives put honesty at the heart of healthcare

(General Medical Council 03 November 2014)

The General Medical Council [GMC] and the Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] have launched a public consultation on draft joint guidance which is designed to support doctors, nurses and midwives in fulfilling their professional duty to be open and honest about mistakes.

Open consultation: Language controls for healthcare and associated professions

(Department of Health 03 November 2014)

The consultation seeks views on changes to allow professional regulatory bodies to impose language controls on nursing, dental and pharmacy professionals.