Registration with the Charity Commission: Preston Down Trust

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The Charity Commission has published its decision to accept a re-submitted application from Preston Down Trust (PDT), part of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, to register as a charity.

The Commission decided that PDT was capable of benefitting the public through its instruction and edification of the public in a Christian way of life, provides benefits to a sufficient section of the public, and that although it operated predominantly rather than exclusively for the benefit of its members, this was not necessarily fatal to charitable status. The Commission was not able to reach a firm conclusion on the extent of the detriment and harm or whether it outweighed public benefit.

PDT agreed to address the issues raised by the Commission by amending its trust deed to clearly set out its doctrines and practices.

This decision may establish a pathway for other similar organisations to register as charities with the Commission.

Key action point:

  • You can view the Charity Commission's press release here.