Resolution's newest National Committee member on not taking 'no' for an answer

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This article was first published in New Law Journal on 22 May here.

An interview Farhana Shahzady in New Law Journal, Family Law Partner in Blake Morgan's London team.

I have recently been voted onto Resolution's National Committee and as a family lawyer I share the vision of my Resolution peers to see no-fault divorce become law and for cohabitees to enjoy proper legal protection. I also recently co-presented a seminar with Dr Brigitte Clark on the problem of UK Islamic marriages which have not been civilly registered in this jurisdiction.

The effect on Muslim women can be devastating since without civil registration they do not enjoy statutory protection under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973—meaning they can be turfed out of their homes and left without maintenance even after what they thought was a long 'marriage'.

I want to see these issues addressed but I suspect until we can see the proper restoration of legal aid, many deserving cases will fall by the wayside. Access to justice for all, along with a justice system which reflects the society it represents, in my mind must be the aim of any civilised, democratic society and something which the legal profession still needs to work towards.

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