Changes to international trade mark application processes

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Kate Briggs highlights the recent changes to the trade mark application process in New Zealand and Greece.

New Zealand

Official fees payable to the Intellectual Property Office New Zealand have increased. Application fees are now NZ$150 per class and renewal fees at NZ$350 per class.

Other changes of note include:

  • It is possible to add additional classes to an application up until acceptance of a trade mark. This only applies to trade marks filed on or after 10 December 2012.
  • It is now possible to divide a trade mark registration (provided the trade mark has not been refused, withdrawn or abandoned or is not active). It remains the case that trade mark applications can be divided.


2012 has seen changes to the trade mark registration procedure in Greece with the aim of reducing the time to registration and to establish appeal proceedings. With effect from 11 October 2012:

  • Official fees have been reduced by around 10%.
  • Where an objection has been raised against an international registration designating Greece, the applicant has 3 months from the notification of the examination report to submit observations or to delete goods/services from the application. For direct applications in Greece the time limit is 1 month.
  • Appeals to decisions made by an Examiner regarding registration or refusal to register can be heard by the Administrative Trade Mark Committee (ATC).
  • Divisions of both trade mark applications and trade mark registrations are permitted.
  • A 5 year acquiescence period is established.
  • A new Committee has been established that will grant the HELLENIC Trade Mark for goods and services of Greek origin (subject to certain requirements). If you need to protect your trade mark in the UK or in any other territory we can help.