Warning from the Charity Commission about scams

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The Charity Commission has issued a press release urging charities and individuals to be "vigilant and look out for scams used by fraudsters to obtain bank details".

The warning follows a recent scam aimed at religious foundations in the US. Fraudsters contacted organisations claiming that a large donation was awaiting the organisation from a UK charity. In an attempt to bolster the appearance of validity, the fraudsters produced documents showing parts of the Charity Commission's logo and forged staff signatures.

Anyone who has concerns as to whether an organisation is a legitimate charity can use the Charity Commission's online charity search tool to check if that organisation is on the register of charities. If you receive correspondence that you believe is fraudulently claiming to be from a charity the incident should be reported to the Charity Commission and to Action Fraud.

The Charity Commission's online charity search tool can be found here

A link to Action Fraud can be found here.