Blake Morgan trainees take top prize in law contest

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Two trainee solicitors made a good case for themselves as rising stars when they came out on top in a challenging legal competition.

Sophie Flax and Leo Cutler, both in their second year of training at law firm Blake Morgan, were winners in the Law South Mooting Competition, which sees trainee solicitors compete to be judged the best at arguing a legal case.

The competition, held at the London Institute of Arbitrators, saw Sophie and Leo team up to impress judges with their legal knowledge and presentation skills.

The pair were among 12 teams who had to prepare for and argue two cases. The first involved contract law as applied to oil rigs and the second was a personal injury case in which a person had suffered a head injury at work with tragic consequences.

In the end it was Sophie and Leo who were judged by barristers Stephanie Farrimond and Richard Samuel to have performed the best, winning a bottle of Champagne and a trophy.

Sophie said: “Mooting is about as close as you can get to arguing a real case in court. We were on first and it was really exciting, but also a bit terrifying, getting up and not knowing how the judge was going to react and what aspects of our case we were going to be interrogated on. We really had to think on our feet but it was a great day and very good preparation for a career in law.”

Sophie and Leo, along with fellow trainees Katherine Rattle and were put forward to the regional contest after winning the annual Blake Morgan internal mooting competition.

Law South is a consortium of law firms in London and the south of England which includes Southampton-based Blake Morgan.