Professional Regulatory Press Releases December 2015 and January 2016

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Legal watchdog seeks greater fines for lawyers who misbehave (FT 2.12.15)

Paul Philip, the chief executive of the Solicitors Regulation Authority has called for a consolidation act to enable the regulator to increase the level of fines it can impose on law firms. Alternative business structures can be fined up to £250m but the maximum penalty for firms of solicitors, including those that turn over over £1bn a year, is £2,000.

BSB responds to today's Government proposal on opening legal services market (Bar standards board 30.11.15)

Director-General Vanessa Davies said, "we look forward to contributing to drawing up the consultation document, on the basis of our experience and expertise. The Bar Standards Board welcomes a debate on the complete separation of the regulatory and representative functions. It could be in the public interest and could allow regulatory and representative bodies to be stronger in their respective roles."

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications in healthcare (Department of Health Consultation 10.12.15)

The revised Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (MRPQ) Directive has brought in a number of changes that aim to further facilitate the free movement of professionals within the EU. This consultation sets out the changes that are specific to the sectoral health professions (nurses, midwives, pharmacists, doctors and dentists). It seeks views on the draft legislation that is needed to implement the changes and any potential impacts of the implementation. It also sets out a number of the cross-sector changes that were covered in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills consultation of March 2015 but that will impact on the health and care professional regulators.

NMC reports on significant progress in Guernsey (Nursing and Midwifery Council 16.12.15)

New Guernsey reports show real improvements. Today we published reports from our return review visit to Guernsey, which clearly show real improvements across the board. The NMC conducted an extraordinary review on the island in October 2014, which found a number of concerns, many of which have been addressed.

Dental board to improve regulatory model (CQC 10.12.15)

The Regulation of Dental Services Programme Board (RDSPB) has today published a report outlining the key areas of improvement for an effective future model of dental regulation. The future of dental service regulation is the culmination of a one-year programme carried out by the RDSPB. It outlines seven key areas of improvement and agreed actions that will make dental regulation more coherent, streamlined and effective. The RDSPB was established in September 2014 to bring together the key organisations with a role and responsibility for setting, managing and regulating dental care in England.

New guidance sets out how decisions to refer cases to a fitness to practise committee are made (General Pharmaceutical Council 17.12.15)

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has launched new guidance which explains the role of the investigating committee and how it decides what outcome is appropriate when allegations are referred to it
The investigating committee is independent of the GPhC and when considering a case, it is for the committee to make its own independent decisions and it is accountable for the decisions it makes.

GMC responds to ministerial statement on professional regulation (General Medical Council 17.12.15)

We have responded to a Written Ministerial Statement on the Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals, issued this morning.

New power for GMC to appeal tribunal decisions (General Medical Council 31.12.15)

From today the General Medical Council has been given the power to challenge decisions of the tribunals that hear cases against doctors who are alleged to have breached GMC standards.
The new law underlines the separation of our investigations from the tribunal service and thereby strengthen our role as a patient safety organisation.

New power for GMC to appeal MPTS decisions (Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service 31.12.15)

From today the General Medical Council has been given the power to challenge decisions of the tribunals that hear cases against doctors who are alleged to have breached GMC standards.

HCPC statement following Education Secretary Nicky Morgan's announcement today about plans to establish a new body for social work (HCPC press release 14.1.16)

We were very surprised by the announcement today that it is the Government’s intention to set up a new body for social work in England, which over time, will replace the Health and Care Professions Council as the regulator. We are an efficient and effective regulator with robust regulatory processes and standards for conduct, education and professional skills. We will continue to fulfil our primary aim of public protection by regulating the 16 health and care professions on our Register.

Regulator sets out ambitious roadmap putting patients at the forefront (GDC press release 26.1.16)

The regulator of the dental team, the General Dental Council (GDC) sets out an ambitious three year road map to make sure patients continue to receive the best quality dental care. Published today (26 January) Patients, Professionals, Partners and Performance the GDC gives details on how it will improve its own performance and efficiency by supporting dentists and dental care professionals to provide the best possible care to patients.

CQC seeks views on its vision for the future (CQC 25.01.16)

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is seeking views on its plans for the next five years as it develops its approach to regulation. CQC has changed the way it works over the past three years and in its consultation document Shaping the future, published today, it sets out a vision for the future regulation of health and social care.