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As the Head of our New Homes sales team, Chris oversees the firm's sales offerings to our Developer clients.

Main areas of practice

Chris acts for house builders of all sizes across the country, primarily in the South, Thames Valley and London regions.  Chris assists the team with the more complex aspects of client's sites, dealing with the disposal of affordable housing to Registered Providers, coordinating the site infrastructure and management.

Chris has spent many years working for Registered Providers of Social Housing and still acts for several providers in the acquisition and disposal of housing stock.

Significant experience

Leaseholds: Chris has spent many years working with leases and has a great deal of experience in lease drafting and construction.  He advises clients on lease terms, service charge setting and keeping up with current legal thinking and opinion on lease interpretation

Shared ownership: Chris is a recognised expert in shared ownership leases with over 15 years of practice in the area.

Right to Buy/Acquire: Chris has expertise in Right to Buy and Right to Acquire (both statutory and contractual), in advising registered providers on the legislative background, rules and regulations.

Site Construction: Chris' primary role is to provide our clients with a top level overview of their sites coordinating the many different issues that can be experienced during sales.  Once a site is acquired he can provide clients with a single point of contact to ensure all elements are dealt with.

Other expertise

Chris also has experience in extra care arrangements, personal insolvency, commercial leases and charging.


Chris’s Blog

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Today, Thursday 21 December 2017 is an important date to be noted – marking the beginning of the end for leasehold.

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This case demonstrates that going with the most expensive insurance policy will not always be the best deal.

The clock is ticking for Right to Buy

The clock is ticking and time is running down for Housing Associations to decide whether to accept, voluntarily, the Right to Buy extension or allow it to be imposed upon them by statute.

Articles by Chris

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Chris Carr writing for the latest edition of 24dash.

The enforcement of the right

Press Release

The National Housing Federation (NHF) has made its formal offer of a 'Voluntary Right to Buy' to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Chris Carr discusses what this could mean for social housing.

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