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“Jim is ‘approachable’ and has experience in work related upper limb disorders ”

Legal 500, 2014
Jim is a Senior Associate in our Southampton Personal Injury Team with over 20 years experience in the field of personal injury.

He is a highly experienced litigator representing Claimants in complex liability disputes arising from workplace-related claims including accidents and injuries at work and occupational disease. He is an acknowledged expert in cases involving repetitive strain injury (RSI), work related upper limb disorders (WRULD) and vibration syndromes (VWF, HAVS and carpal tunnel syndrome). 

Jim’s focus is in helping and supporting clients who have suffered injury or illness on account of their work.  His clients come from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds. He is asked to take over cases from other firms and often achieves substantially higher awards, providing expert knowledge and advice to his clients. He is known for his personable approach and for being totally committed to his clients.

 Significant expertise 

Jim has successfully pursued many claims on behalf of clients who have sustained vibration injuries (WBV, HAVS and carpal tunnel syndrome) RSI and back strains due to their work in the following occupations:

  • Forestry workers and chainsaw operators
  • Laminators and carpenters in the boat building industry
  • Road workers and mains service layers
  • Panel beaters and vehicle conversion fitters
  • Mobile machine operators
  • Draymen

Jim has also represented workers in the nursing and care sectors with serious back and other strain injuries due to poor moving and handling practices and office workers with RSI from undertaking intensive typing or data entry for prolonged periods in the working day. These claims have included a number of hard fought test cases.


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