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“She has the enviable skill of being able to firmly pursue her client’s case whilst also avoiding the (all too common) error of descending into aggressive, belligerent and pointless ‘litigation by correspondence’ and while always focussing on settlement and pragmatic outcome.”

Jennifer has great success helping people deal with changes in their families, whether advance planning to avoid uncertainty, or resolving problems following relationship breakdown. 

Main areas of practice

Divorce or dissolve their civil partnership with dignity;

  • Understand the financial issues arising in all family-law circumstances (including unmarried separation, future planning – pre/post nuptial agreements, upon divorce/dissolution, after a lengthy separation);
  • Put enforceable documentation in place to deal with current and future financial claims;
  • Resolve disagreements about children: who they should live or spend time with, where they should live (including whether here or abroad), specific issues about other matters such as education;
  • Choose the most suitable approach to resolve their matter: supporting mediation, solicitor negotiations, a collaborative law approach, or court proceedings.


Jennifer assists individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. She is accomplished at representing professionals (including accountants, actuaries, city traders, doctors, teachers, surgeons to name a few), business people, sports people and home makers.

Jennifer acts for clients living, and with assets, in the UK, and for international clients in the Channel Islands, and the rest of the world.

Significant experience

Pre/post nuptial agreements

  • Jennifer has advised couples about the content of agreements and helped them put agreements in place which provide a high degree of certainty for the future.

Complex remuneration packages, pensions and businesses

  • She is adept at dealing in matters where one, or both, people have complex remuneration packages with numerous pay/benefit/pension elements, as well as restricted stock units, shares, share options.
  • Jennifer’s work also frequently involves matters with significant pension provision, advising about how to best share/protect such. She has experience with a variety of scheme including Armed Forces pensions, Police pensions, NHS pensions, Teachers pensions, and final salary schemes and private schemes.
  • Her cases often require her to advise about business interests, considering value and liquidity. Jennifer’s experience includes sole traders, dental practices, restaurant chains, to complex inter-related companies with associated off-shore employee benefit trusts.


  • Jennifer has experience in difficult cases involving children, including achieving complete reversal of arrangements (change of with which parent the child lives).
  • Her experience includes cases where the psychiatric assessment of either parent is required.
  • Jennifer advises about relocation abroad.

Difficult cases

  • Jennifer has significant experience in difficult cases involving narcissistic husbands or wives, significant loss of capital for example via spending and gambling, or deliberately hidden assets.

Other expertise

Jennifer is a trained collaborative lawyer.

She is also an accredited specialist with Resolution (the country’s leading family law organisation) for her expertise in family law financial, and children, matters.

Jennifer’s particular expertise includes international aspects of family law cases, which she has been developing since being highly placed in the International Academy of Family Lawyer’s annual essay competition.

“Jennifer Williamson made me feel at ease from our very first meeting. At a very stressful and emotional time in my life, Jennifer made the whole process very bearable, with her understanding, compassion but very professional approach. I truly felt that she had my best interests at heart from the outset.””

Client Winchester

“Excellent 1-2-1 service from Jennifer Williamson who was very knowledgeable, approachable, professional and kind to me. She made the pain and fear of divorce as easy as it could possibly be. I am very grateful to her and would recommend her warmly to others.”

Client Winchester


Jennifer’s Blog

Crack down on child maintenance evasion

It has long been a problem that some non-resident parents avoid paying the correct and fair amount of child maintenance, by arranging their financial affairs in a certain way. Jennifer Williamson looks at a recent case.

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