Samuel Hardy Trainee Legal Executive

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Sam advises and acts in the administration of estates, specialising in intestate matters with complex practical issues.  

Main areas of practice

Sam deals with a wide range of estates, especially intestate, including those larger and subject to practical, legal and taxation-based complexities.  


Sam acts for individuals in their capacity as estate executors or administrators. He has significant experience in assisting relatives of those who have died without leaving a will.  

Significant experience

  • Obtaining grants of representation in unusual situations (including successive estates and partially-administered estates);
  • The intestacy rules, and distribution of estates amongst large numbers of relatives;
  • Powers of attorney (Lasting/Enduring/General);
  • Post-death taxes (income/inheritance/capital gains);
  • Tracing assets and beneficiaries. 

Other expertise

Sam also has experience in case law regarding the validity of Wills and testamentary capacity.  

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help. Throughout the process you have kept me fully updated, taken time to explain everything thoroughly and responded to any enquiries within a timely manner. ”


Samuel’s Blog

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Back in early 2017, a government consultation into a change in probate court fees took place. Thankfully, this change ultimately never transpired. The most recent Budget heralds a second attempt. What are the differences this time?

Doing nothing is dangerous...

…or at least, it can be when it comes to probate matters – especially on the first death of a couple in a civil partnership or marriage